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My name is Arthur Page and I live in Portland Maine. I've been climbing on and off for about 8 years. This year I've decided to up my climbing game and have been training to move past the gym and start out-door lead climbing this summer. I'm currently bouldering between V2 and V3 and climbing top rope at the gym between 5.8 and 5.9. I started this site because of how difficult it is to find climbing resources. Most videos lack production quality and getting any reliable information involves dropping hundreds on a class at a gym. To me this is counter to what I believe to principles of climbing. It is a sport centered around personal challenge, community, and sharing. I hope you feel the same way and I hope you enjoy figure8!

Hidden Gem

Got a hot tip on a new outdoor place from a friend so we decided to check it out today. This place had no name, a single bolted route rated a 5.9+ and a whole bunch of top rope-able stuff.

The only downside is that neither of us can climb beyond the first bolt on an outside 5.9 and we arrived too late to set up anchors. We ended up messing around a bit before giving up for another day.

Its twenty minutes north of Portland and a 15 minute flat walk approach. Great to know this ledge is nearby.

5.6 | Arthur Page (evo Portland)

This is normally an easy warm-up route but it is a bit more work in the dark finding your feet. It was the first time I’ve been able to climb a wall in the dark. I was at Maine Rock Gym for one but was only bouldering back then. Then I was at EVO Concord for one but was working on a time-lapse for a promo video. So, this is the first real climbing in the dark. I have the auto belay to thank since my partner couldn’t make it.