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5.9 – Salt Water Taffy

Salt Water Taffy - 5.9

You’ll find this route on the center column facing the lead wall and if you like surprise endings, you’ll dig this route. It has some real fun moves and some fun features. You’ll find a nice mix of pinches and buckets with just enough grit to make a nine.

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5.8 – Main Sprinkler Valve

Main Sprinkler Valve - 5.8

This route is in the back corner next to the auto-belay and it is a douse. It’s a blue route with some nice corner work in the middle but the top is all tiny holds. This route isn’t rated yet but we have a spoiler for you.

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Why Podcasts?

In the last few years, online video has become omni present. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Vimeo are the primary channels but there are a host of others all fighting for your video. Apple Podcasts has been traditionally an audio experience so we’re often asked why we opted to use this format. There are a few …

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We’re going to need a bigger boat

When this podcast first started, it became immediately clear that storage was going to be an issue. The podcast was captured on a GoPro Hero3 Black and being a purist, each episode was released in stunning 1080p HD quality. The resulting file sizes were 1gb to 4gb which nearly broke everything but we made it …

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Welcome to Approach

Here at figure8 we’re equal parts climber and media enthusiasts. We get just as excited about crushing a new route as posting the video to the podcast. Since the figure8 project started, we had to overcome some obstacles for sure but we appreciate the challenge because the project is always better off in the long …

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Social Update

Just a heads up that we have made a few small changes to our social services to streamline our accounts. Now facebook, twitter, and instagram are all climbfigure8. The change away from con_figure8 were two fold; to align to our instagram account and because we realized that con_figure8 doesn’t actually mean anything. At the time, …

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5.6 – Steep Sheep

5.6 - Steep Sheep

I have been climbing on the guest pass of a friend at Salt Pump for a while. We have a routine, we climb a few top rope routes, get pumped out and call it a day. I’m lead certified at evo Rock + Fitness but had never bothered to get lead certified elsewhere. Until today, …

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5.8 – Rub the Belly

5.8 - Rub the Belly (evo Portland)

You may not have noticed but I haven’t been on a lead route in more than a year. I’ve also never captured a clean climb on a lead route, ever! The sadness ends today with this 5.8 route at evo Rock + Fitness in Portland, aptly named ‘Rub the Belly.’

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