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About figure8

figure8 is a rock climbing video podcast and website for everyday climbers. We don’t subscribe to the policy that you need to be Chris Sharma or Alex Hannold to be a great climber. We admire anyone who is pushing themselves to the limit of their own ability.

We advocate for safe climbing and to help get new climbers up to speed as quickly as possible without the jargon and in a non-intimidating way. Too often we hear stories of novice or infrequent climbers getting peer pressured to climb beyond their ability. This practice doesn’t help anyone.

You can engage with our cause to make climbing fun and safe for everyone. We need your help.


The best way to learn to climb is from an experienced climber. You can climb with a guide or a professional group but at great expense. We’re here to bridge the gap and offer resources to you so you can be a better climber.


With most sports, bad equipment might give you a blister; in climbing bad equipment can be dangerous. Making the decision can be easier if you know what real people think after really using their gear. We want to make it easy for you to stay safe


Climbing can be a brutal punishment to your body and your confidence. It is important to stay inspired so you can achieve your long term goals. We believe that photo and video are the best way to do that.

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