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We say goodbye, I say hello.

This is a bit hard to admit, but after years of living a lie, we must confess that we are actually just I. Thats right, I’m sure you couldn’t tell but this whole operation is orchestrated by just one person and I’m tired of pretending that we are a team of blah blah blah.

Let me start by saying I’m an entrepreneur and as such I’ve been living in a world where the prevailing wisdom says you should fake it ’til you make it. That is great advice most of the time but no one ever follows it up with a qualifying timeline. So one day you look up and its been four years but you’re still just a solo act still using the royal we and ‘my team’ every time you write something.

I have been working on this project and it has been great. I have learned a lot about production, social media, and advertising but despite my strategic podcast mentions, shameless begging, and even paid ads… this is likely going to continue as my free solo project for a while.

To reflect this change in action, I have decided to drop the ‘we’ and ‘my team’ and start being honest with you. By you, I mean myself. This is a project of one. This is my project. I am a rock climber, I like to capture video and I am running this site, podcast, and social media alone.

Now that I’m not concerned with projecting the illusion of this podcast being some kind of big deal, I am going to get back into creating. Thank you for reading.