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Social Update

Just a heads up that we have made a few small changes to our social services to streamline our accounts. Now facebook, twitter, and instagram are all climbfigure8.

The change away from con_figure8 were two fold; to align to our instagram account and because we realized that con_figure8 doesn’t actually mean anything.

At the time, con_figure8 was a loose play on the word ‘configured’ and a distant nod to Apple’s Configurator program but we ultimately decided that the phonetics didnt justify the weird syntax so we have abandoned the naming convention.

If you haven’t spent a lot of time working on websites and social media, its hard to see the clutter of our modern world. With so many people on earth, finding new wordplay is pretty daunting. You end up adding hyphens and trying to tap memonics burried deep in the mind of your audience. Anyways, it’s taco Tuesday so have a taco!