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ReelRock Tour: Valley Uprising

My wife and I just returned home after watching ReelRock 9: Valley Uprising at the Portland Stage company. Not only did we see a wonderfully made feature-length documentary about the rise of rock climbing counter filter in Yosemite during the 1950’s to present, but we also won some cliff bars at the raffle that followed the screening! This film was (for a rookie climber) a crash course in the last 60 years of climbing culture. It is a definite must watch for everyone to see the progression of the sport and to be inspired by the human condition.

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5.9d | White (MRG)

You may have noticed a few videos starring Brandon. Well for weeks now, we’ve had a nickname for this white route. This is a clean show, but lets just say it is five letters and rhymes with ‘the twitch’. Time after time we both tried it and both failed. Usually in the same spot. Last week, this route broke Brandon’s new beaner. Well he has since defeated it, but until today, I hadn’t had a chance to send this mean old bitty.