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V3 | Pink (MRG)

This is a V3 Pink route at the Maine Rock Gym. It is a fun one but it gets a bit tricky after the third move. 

It starts out pretty straight forward with a large jug two hand match hold. Then a right hand up to a small scoop. Then, a left hand way up to a stretching three finger crimp which you use to tip tap your right foot up a corner and position your left heel on the first hold. Pulling up shifts center of gravity over original hold and standing position is reached just in time to reach left hand way over to a small three finger crimp. Now balanced and standing there is an easy reach to a small palm right hand hold. Now the touch part, two teeny tiny crouching foot holds and a big confidence left hand up to the top out. It’s a freely position to be in because at my level, your hands feel like they’ll slip if you reach for the end and you’ll fall to the concrete. Just be quick about it and you’ll have a solid way grasp to begin your controlled decent.


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